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Morgane is a fashion and lifestyle photographer and founder of taboo-breaking collective No Babes, and inclusive model agency No Babes Agency. She also had her own program called #nofilter on Iedereen Beroemd.

Nathalie Raymakers, Etam

"Morgane inspires Etam at every level. She manages to capture the beauty in each and every person. Moreover, she makes her models comfortable whatever they wear, which is very important for a lingerie photoshoot."

Sabine Lemmens, Ellement

"I found working with Morgane very pleasant because she really listened to me. I felt that she completely understood my vision, so I left her the freedom to work something out. She also gave me the space to bring ideas to the shoots we organized together. Everything went very easy, and so the photos also looked very natural. Morgane is extremely artistic and I thought it was very important to work with such a person. Thanks to her I can no longer keep track of the incoming orders."

"Morgane photographs the weekly "My Body & Me" section for Flair, and we have also worked with her on various fashion and reportage productions. Morgane does so much more than taking pictures.  She tells a story with her work. She always knows how to capture the right vibe. She approaches each shoot in her own personal way, and at the same time she is a real team player on set. A wonderful personality to work with!"

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