Mouth masks (4) + tote bag

Want to spread the No Babes message whilst shopping or going out? With this mouth mask package AND tote bag, you will definitely stand out! By showing what people see as 'taboo and/or inappropriate' we hope to create more tolerance and diversity in this society. Support No Babes and get yourself this awesome package :-)

The 25 first pre-orders are now available for €75,60. You will receive your mouth masks once I have gathered 25 pre-orders in total and the orders have arrived (please know that due to Corona, delivery dates are slower). After the pre-orders, the price will go up.

You can choose between these 8 quotes - let me know which 4 you want in your package in the comments at check-out!

> Stop staring
> No more masks
> Fat feminist
> Feminist fever
> Queer as fuck
> No gender
> I'm a survivor
> I am broken

You can choose which tote bag you want, let me know in the comments at check-out!

> Laura (boobs)
> Fiona (elf ears)
> Kasper (queer)
> Mathieu (penis)
> Sofie (belly)

The mouth masks can be machine washed at 30 °C to 60 °C.

These masks are NOT suitable for medical use. It has therefore not been proven that wearing the mask offers protection in the current situation. Do NOT purchase these masks if you believe they protect you from the Coronavirus. Rather, the masks are intended to protect others and thereby reduce spread. We recommend that you wash the masks regularly to ensure that they remain fresh and hygienic. For hygienic reasons, the masks cannot be returned.

I am wearing on this picture, a MEDIUM size. (Height: 11,5 - 13cm)
Also LARGE available (Height: 13 - 14cm)

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    Color tote bag: Ecru
    Size tote bag
    Material tote bag
    Size mouth mask