No Babes shoot (2h)

Do you want to join the No Babes family? Support us by booking a No Babes shoot!

Unfortunately for my No Babes photobook, I am restricted to certain themes, and spots are getting tight, so therefore I can not say 'yes' to all the massive, valuable stories I already received. Which breaks my heart, by the way.

But, do not worry! This is your unique opportunity to still have the chance to do a No Babes shoot, and at the same time, help us gather funds to get our photo book published and exposition out in 2021.

This package includes a max. 2 hours photoshoot in my home studio (@ Kortenberg, Belgium) in total No Babes style. No make-up, no filters, only lingerie and/or artistic nude, you and me. I will listen to your story with my whole heart, and do everything I can to bring your story as beautiful and respectful as I can. In complete trust and safety.

As I am still working on a book, there is a chance of you getting published in my book, if your story fits in one of my themes!

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me!

PS: When booking this shoot, I will contact you personally to pick out a date and you will receive a free No Babes mouth mask.

See you soon? <3

  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Amount of pictures

    You can choose between 3 pictures (included in the price), 10 pictures, or 20 pictures! You can choose your favorite pictures yourself, after the photoshoot. I will retouch them professionally and send them over in high quality through Wetransfer.

  • Location studio

    Sparrenhof 13, 3071 Erps-Kwerps

Amount of pictures