Pre-order No Babes photobook

Pre-order No Babes photobook

You can already pre-order the No Babes photobook! The book will be simultaneously launched together with the exposition. IT WILL BE EPIC.

When ordering this during the weekend of Black Friday, you get a FREE No Babes tote bag worth €20!

No Babes questions taboos and beauty standards. In this book, we will talk about big themes such as genderfluidity, body positivity, chronic illnesses, and much more. We talk about various things that are often difficult to talk about or still marginalized in this society. 

Only 500 copies of the No Babes photo book are available. Do you want to be sure of your copy? Order yours!

PS: This is not yet the real cover of the No Babes photobook as there is no preview yet available. That will change very soon. :-)

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    Hard cover with picture

  • When will you receive the book?

    The photo book at the moment is non-existent. With this money, I will be able to pay my publisher Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and the photo book can be made. I will send it to you immediately after the book is ready in the first months of 2021. An exact date, we don't have yet. The book will be numbered and signed.

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