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Do you want to do a professional photo shoot to boost yourself or your business but do you lack the budget? Or do you have the budget, but struggle with reaching new potential clients or do you simply want to expand your network? No worries, you can share a shoot with other professionals to not only split the cost, but also reach double or triple the amount of people!


Fill in the form below so I can get a clear view of who you are and what you are looking for.
After that, I will look for the perfect match between you and others that filed the form.
Together you can team up to split the financial cost of a professional shoot.


I do this to help start-ups and small business owners in the fashion/lifestyle industry to upscale their level of professionalism and grow their network. 

Check the FAQ below for more answers to your questions.




How many pictures woud you like?
Which budget are you willing to invest? In the FAQ below you can find more information about the prices.
What kind of shoot would you like? If you don't know the difference between these types of shoot, check the FAQ down below.
When would you like to do the shoot?

Thanks for submitting!


  • What is the difference between a 'high fashion shoot', a 'lookbook shoot' and a 'catalogue shoot'?"
    High fashion shoot: A very artistic, conceptual photo shoot. Here we strive for uniqueness with unusual makeup applications, styling, and creative locations. These are the shoots you see in magazines such as Vogue. In a way, a fashion editorial is like reading a story but through visuals and not words. Lookbook shoot: A lookbook is a way to show people different ways to wear clothes. Instead of a plain background, it often features an authentic location. Doing so allows people to imagine what they’d look like in everyday situations.The infusion of lifestyle with fashion also makes lookbooks like editorials. But the difference between a lookbook and an editorial is that a lookbook doesn’t involve a story. It displays outfits much like catalogue shots.Fashion brands often use both catalogues and lookbooks when marketing their products. Catalogue shoot: This type of commercial photography is all about simplicity. Its primary goal is to sell to consumers. It features minimal styling to bring focus on the outfit or product.Think of "catalogue shoot" as any other product photography you see in magazines. The only difference is there’s a model present in the image. Catalog photos often feature a plain background. The most common colors you see are white and grey. But sometimes, photographers also use neutral colors to make the product pop. Another characteristic of catalog photography is the lack of props. Every once in a while, you’ll see a small item or even a chair. But in most cases, the background is bare.
  • With how many people will I be matched?
    You can be matched with 1 or 2 other professionals. I will check which ones fit your aesthetics and wishes best.
  • What is the price of a shoot?
    Half day of shooting (4h): €450 Full day of shooting (8h): €850 -> Prepping the shoot, making a moodboard, creative direction, material costs and looking for a team if necessary is included. Price per image is between €20 and €50 depending of the complexity of the editing. -> All prices are excl. 21% tax and travel costs.
  • Who exactly can sign up?
    This is for start-ups or small businesses active in the lifestyle/fashion industry that want to do a shoot with me to promote their product/services. To give a few examples of people that can sign up: - Fashion designer - Model - Make-up artist - Accessory designer - Goldsmith - Hairstylist - Influencer - Fashion stylist - Art-director - ... If you are not sure if you qualify, feel free to send me a message:
  • When will I know if I'm matched?
    Once you are signed up, I will start contacting others who signed up also and check if there is a potential match. If that is the case, I will send an email to introduce you to each other so we can start making a moodboard, brainstorming about which kind of shoot we like to do, where, and how. I will make a quotation and if everyone agrees, we go for it!
  • Can I choose which pictures I take after the shoot?
    Absolutely. I will send over the unedited pictures in small size with logo on so everyone, seperately, can make their own selection. If for example the quotation states that you and your two other matches would take 15 pictures in total - it means that everyone can choose 5 pictures to keep it honest. Ofcourse you can also share the pictures the others selected. There is also ofcourse the possibility to order more pictures seperately.
I am contacting you for:

Thanks for your message!



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