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Looking to start or grow your creative business? Come learn from me and my friends!



I’ve sat down with other professionals and recorded everything you need to know about running a successful and sustainable creative business from A-Z.

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Join me for a mentoring session! This is perfect for those who have exhausted all of my free resources and need my undivided attention, motivation, and accountability. We can chat photography, social media management, branding, confidence, client communication, pricing, websites, and more.

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Check out and discover helpful resources and
guides on my YouTube channel!

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Let's cut the cringe and get to the real talk: let's meet up with other creatives and brainstorm together about how we can take next steps in your business!

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Etam - Flair - Feeling Magazine - Elle - Marylène Madou - RainPharma - Decathlon

Canon - Café Costume - Belmodo - JBC - Unizo - WeLoveBXL - Philips - Mknives 

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Bringing clarity and structure in all the ideas you have

Coach you on not being afraid anymore to show who you are online, and offline

Transform your mindset around money

Understanding where your insecurities and limiting beliefs come from

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In 2019, I took the jump to become a fulltime photographer and immediately wanted to show the world what I stand for as a photographer. A few months later, No Babes was born. It is a voluntary project that wants to give a voice to people who are often kept small by the current (beauty) ideals. This by taking portraits of people carrying a taboo-breaking story and offering them a platform to tell it to the world, to hopefully create more tolerance and help others.

No Babes is also the name of my very first photobook and exhibition that took place in July 2021.

There are only less than 100 copies left!



Mentorsessie klant

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Workshop (testpubliek)

When I went looking for someone who could visually translate my vision and truly capture who I am, I was very picky because I knew exactly what I wanted. Morgane listened and took the time to really get to know me. Since then, I trusted her to develop the total package for me - from a website, to photos, videos, and more. My expectations have been absolutely met and I still work with her to this day!

Morgane photographs the weekly "My Body & Me" section for Flair, and we have also worked with her on various fashion and reportage productions. Morgane does so much more than taking pictures.  She tells a story with her work. She always knows how to capture the right vibe. She approaches each shoot in her own personal way, and at the same time she is a real team player on set. A wonderful personality to work with!

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