Morgane Gielen (1994) is a professional fashion/lifestyle photographer based in Kortenberg, owner of Visual Branding Studio "More to Morgane" and the face behind the taboo-breaking project No Babes.


She works hand in hand with other companies and entrepreneurs who find it just as important as her to commit to creating sustainable ideas, breaking social taboos and drawing attention to the beauty of imperfection.

She released her first photo book called 'No Babes' in collaboration with Borgerhoff & Lamberights. Next to that, the No Babes photo exhibition will take place June/July 2021. 

Find out more about the exposition here.
Get your copy of the photobook or tickets for the exposition here.


Winner "Inside" photo competition by Breedbeeld VZW 2020
Speaker on '
Photodays 2019 & 2020' for Canon Belgium
Calendar Girl 2020' for Flair Belgium

Belgian winner 'Metro Photo Challenge 2018'

Finalist 'Young Olympus Talent 2017'

Finalist 'Vrouwelijk talent op het platteland 2016'



KAVKA - Antwerp, Belgium (2020)

De Roma - Antwerp, Belgium (2020)
Saintklet - Brussels, Belgium (2020)
Photo Twens - Leuven, Belgium (2019)

Femmeniste - Deurne, Belgium (2019)
Kunst In De Etalages - Kortenberg, Belgium (2019)
L'amateur - Deurne, Belgium (2019)
Femmeniste - Deurne, Belgium (2018)
FOAM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2017)



De Kobe Show: Morgane Gielen (2019)
De Toekomst Jeukt:  Morgane Gielen (2020)
Club Flo Doc: Mijn seks is stuk (2020)
Iedereen Fit : Morgane Gielen (2021)

La La Love You: I <3 mijn lijf (2021)
Fokus Online: Meer focus op de imperfectie (2021)