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Morgane Gielen (1994) is a Belgium based lifestyle and fashion photographer. She focuses on creating more inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry, which she finds very important. That is also the reason why she started her own modeling agency called No Babes Agency where she represents models, make-up artists and stylists that share her vision.

She is also the founder of the taboo-breaking collective No Babes, which gives a voice to people that are often silenced by society's ideals. This is also the name of her very first photobook, published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts. No Babes questions taboos through exhibitons, a podcast, videos, photoshoots, and more.

Next to that, she also had her own program called #nofilter in 'Iedereen Beroemd' where a team follows her behind the scenes of a No Babes shoot. She was also seen in an episode of Inside The Box on GoPlay.



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1. Photography

2. Project management + art direction

3. Model scouting + test shoots

4. Lectures + workshops

5. Media presence

6. Exhibitions


FOAM, Amsterdam (2017)
Saintklet, Brussel (2020)
Broei, Gent (2021)

Fire Is Gold Festival, Antwerpen (2021)
Ampere Open Air Festival, Antwerpen (2021)
Piet Moodshop, Gent (2021)
Factor Club, Brugge (2021)
Bib, Kortenberg (2022)
Het Geuzenhuis, Gent (2022)
Sorry Not Sorry Festival, Gent (2022)
Z33, Hasselt (2022)

Zebrastraat, Gent (2023)

Hal 5, Leuven (2023)

UHasselt, Hasselt (2023)


2022: TV: YOUTUBE - Jury for the Style & Colour Trophy of L'Oréal Pro: watch it here

2022:  LIVESTREAM - Speaker on Canon Photodays about inclusivity in the fashion industry
2022: TV: VRT - #nofilter - No Babes: watch it here

2022: TV: GOPLAY - Inside The Box - Inclusivity in fashion : watch it here

2022: TV: MENT TV - Trendsetters: watch it here
2022: TV: Mar10's - Vol zelfvertrouwen voor de camera : watch it here

2022: TV: Ik wil starten - Acerta: watch it here

2022: PANEL TALK for the Belgian Senate - The impact of social media

2022: PANEL TALK for Huis Van De Mens - @ Genderlicious with Fleur Pierets

2022: WORKSHOP for ANBN - Inclusivity in the media

2022: RADIO: NRJ - Open radio: watch it here

2021:  TV: VTM - Club Flo Doc - Mijn seks is stuk: watch it here

2021: Reporter on festival Ampere Open Air & Fire Is Gold: watch it here


2017: Finalist Young Olympus Talent
2018: Metro Photo Challenge, Belgian Winner
2022: Culture Champion (city of Kortenberg)
2023: Canon EMEA Ambassador (Europe, Middle-East and Africa)

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In 2019, I took the jump to become a fulltime photographer and immediately wanted to show the world what I stand for as a photographer. A few months later, No Babes was born.


It started out as me taking pictures of people with taboobreaking stories, and it grew out to be a non-profit organization where I give a platform to those who do not get a voice within society.

No Babes is also the name of my very first photobook and exhibition that took place in July 2021.

In 2023, I started No Babes Agency, the first inclusive model agency in Belgium.

Nathalie Raymakers, Etam

"Morgane inspires Etam at every level. She manages to capture the beauty in each and every person. Moreover, she makes her models comfortable whatever they wear, which is very important for a lingerie photoshoot."

Sabine Lemmens, Ellement

"I found working with Morgane very pleasant because she really listened to me. I felt that she completely understood my vision, so I left her the freedom to work something out. She also gave me the space to bring ideas to the shoots we organized together. Everything went very easy, and so the photos also looked very natural. Morgane is extremely artistic and I thought it was very important to work with such a person. Thanks to her I can no longer keep track of the incoming orders."

"Morgane photographs the weekly "My Body & Me" section for Flair, and we have also worked with her on various fashion and reportage productions. Morgane does so much more than taking pictures.  She tells a story with her work. She always knows how to capture the right vibe. She approaches each shoot in her own personal way, and at the same time she is a real team player on set. A wonderful personality to work with!"

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