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You can buy the No Babes book here! (Be aware: this book is in Dutch)

No Babes questions taboos and beauty standards. In this book, we will talk about big themes such as genderfluidity, body positivity, chronic illnesses, and much more. We talk about various things that are often difficult to talk about or still marginalized in this society. 

Why would want this photo book? It is not only moving and inspiring because of all the authentic and difficult to discuss stories, but it is also very educational and a real conversation opener. For example, we notice that we can encourage both the younger and older generation to dare to look differently at certain themes or people. With this book, we aim to create more diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.

Only 500 copies of the No Babes photo book are available. More than 75% is already sold. Don't wait too long!

No Babes photobook (autographed)

  • 23x33cm

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