'Outdoor Portraits' LR preset package

'Outdoor Portraits' LR preset package

Developed with an artistic touch, these 10 Lightroom presets will add the punch and emotion you're looking for when shooting portraits in natural daylight! 

I wanted to create the most versatile, yet natural Lightroom portrait package on the market. You can use these presets every day and it will save you a lot of time and money. You can also apply them on fashion, event, family and lifestyle photos.

Intended to be used in Adobe Lightroom on RAW and JPG files. I recommend to play around with the exposure, contrast and white balance to get the best results for your own photos.

In every package I also include a video of how to download and use the presets - so you won't be stuck after purchase!

Tag @morganegielen if you used these presets and/or the hasthag #morganegielenpresets so I can see your photos! I will repost the best ones on my stories.

  • How do I install the presets in Adobe Lightroom?

    1. Open Lightroom CC on your desktop computer.
    2. Go to: File > Import Profiles & Presets.
    3. Locate the Preset Gallery folder you just purchased.
    4. Click ‘Import’.
    5. Download the Lightroom Mobile App on your phone.
    6. Login with the same account as on your desktop.
    7. Be sure both devices are connected to the internet for a successful sync. You can check this by clicking the cloud icon in Lightroom CC in the top right corner.
    8. When you open your photo, the presets tab is located in the bottom bar. All done!

  • What are presets?

    Presets are pre-recorderd filters that can be used by everyone in Adobe Lightroom. Presets are a great way to achieve a certain style in your photography and make you stand out!